Leave the World A Better Place Than When I Found It



Workplace Maverick

/wə:kpleis/ /'mav(ə)rik/
He or she is an independent minded person whose sense of purpose is value adding to people around them, including him or herself in a workplace.

About me

A clueless 22 year old out of sheer luck, started work at the fastest growing company. Without ideas or expectations of what may come, he went in full heart & passion. In turn, was rewarded with the most exciting 6 years learning journey of his life thus far. Driven by passion to leave this World better than he found it, he begin to search for knowledge on value adding to a World, changing so rapidly people mistaken progress as decadence. There's so much truth in society expecting conformity from its people. Schools became factories focused on shaping our young to work on a conveyor belt at a larger scale. Conformity leads to stagnation. Progress is created outside comfort zones and only with change can we disrupt this cycle to build a better World. No one can do it alone.

That 22 year old is me, Baldwin Ng. 1 year shy of 30, inspired by my humble experience to create Workplace Maverick. A platform for a community of like minded Mavericks to gain belief, master skills & knowledge to disrupt our old World and build a new, better one. No matter who we are, 80% of more of our time is spent at the workplace. There's no better place to create value than this. Join me...

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